Best Solar Powered Driveway Security Alarm System 2020

Best Solar Powered Driveway Security Alarm System 2020

If you’re in the market for a solar powered driveway system in 2020, you’ve probably noticed the vast array of products available. While having a lot of options can be a good thing, it makes it harder to figure out which is the best solar powered driveway alarm for you. 

Only 17 percent of American homes use a security system, primarily due to the high cost and professional installation required. Fortunately, you now have less expensive options you can install on your own, and one of the best is a solar powered driveway system.

A solar powered driveway system is an automatic, wireless device that functions as a motion detector, alerting homeowners to the presence of unexpected vehicles or intruders in your driveway. 

How it works is simple: install the transmitter in a concealed location along the driveway, and when it detects motion, it relays a signal to the receiver. The receiver alerts you using lighting, sound, or both. 

Best of all, you won’t have to worry about missing alerts because the battery ran down. Solar powered alarm systems charge via a solar panel, and they’re capable of charging even on cloudy days.

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Why Use a Solar Powered Driveway Alarm?

Whether you live in a heavily-populated city center or out in the countryside, a solar powered driveway alarm is a fantastic option for keeping your home safe from intruders. 

Time is of the essence when dealing with a home intruder, and driveway alarms give you an advanced warning, so you have time to get to safety while you alert the local authorities.e

In addition to added security around your home, driveway alarms have other benefits.

Some ways you might use a driveway alarm include:

Keep an eye on your kids. If your kids aren’t allowed to leave your driveway when they’re playing outside, a driveway alarm will let you know they’ve wandered outside their designated safe area. This is also a good choice for parents who want to monitor their teens. You’ll always know when your teenager comes home — or if they’re trying to sneak out.

Keep tabs on your pets. Thanks to its motion sensor capabilities, you’ll always know when your furry friend is ready to come back inside once you’ve installed a driveway alarm.

Know when you’re expecting company. You won’t have to wait near the door hoping you’ll hear a guest’s car pulling up the driveway with a long-range driveway alarm. This is also a great system to have if you’re anxiously awaiting a package delivery. 

Monitor customer traffic. If you want to know how many customers your business receives in a day, a magnetic driveway alarm will send an alert each time a car pulls into the parking lot. 

Investing in a driveway alarm with camera equipment is another good option. Still, they’re more challenging to install, often requiring the help of a professional, and tend to cost more than a traditional solar powered driveway alarm. 

Now that you have a better idea of why you need a solar powered driveway security alarm system, and the many ways you can use your driveway alarm, let’s take a look at one of the best options on the market. 

The Best Solar Driveway Alarm in 2020

Choosing an alarm system can be challenging. You want your home or business to be protected, but most articles give you dozens of different options, which complicates matters when you’re trying to narrow it down. 

If you’re looking for the best wireless driveway alarm, here it is. 

1. eMacros Solar Driveway System

eMacros Wireless Solar Driveway System

$ 79
  • Easy to install
  • Long receiving Range
  • Extremely Reliable
Customer review

Unlike a short-range driveway alarm, the eMACROS Wireless Solar Driveway security alarm offers a ½ range. This affordable solar powered driveway system comes equipped with a wireless receiver, so you won’t be tethered to any cords. 

You can charge the receiver using the included AC adaptor, or it can run on four AA batteries. 

eMACROS knows you have better things to do than wait around for professionals to install your security system. You’ll have your alarm system up and running in minutes thanks to eMACROS’ Quick Start Guide, no professional help required.

The lithium-ion battery is solar powered, so you’ll never have to replace the battery. You can also charge your sensor using a DC5V power adaptor, meaning you can set up your system at any time, day or night.  

If you want complete coverage of a large perimeter, you’re in luck. The eMACROS Wireless Solar Driveway Security Alarm supports up to four sensors and unlimited receivers. 

While many competitors test their equipment only in ideal conditions, eMACROS tests their systems in various reaCl-life scenarios including heavy rain, dense foliage, high winds, and snow, and its wireless signal maintains a 1500 ft range throughout.

Benefits of eMACROS Wireless Solar Driveway Alarm:

  1. You can’t miss the alert: Unlike some driveway alarms, which rely solely on one signal, this solar powered system alerts you with both light and sound when vehicles or pedestrians are within a 30-foot radius. 
  2. It works in all weather conditions: The eMACROS Wireless Solar Driveway Security Alarm motion sensor is encased in weatherproof PVC with a water-resistant, rubberized seal for added protection. 
  3. It uses long-range technology: This long-range driveway alarm has a ½ mile range, and it works effectively even in settings where the sensor is surrounded by a cluster of trees, vehicles, walls, and buildings. 
  4. It works rain or shine: Just because the sun isn’t shining doesn’t mean your device isn’t charging. The solar panel keeps your motion sensor charged in all weather conditions.
  5. It’s easy to install: Setting up your new driveway alarm system only takes a few minutes, meaning you won’t need to wait for a professional to do it for you. 
  6. There’s room for growth: If one sensor doesn’t provide you with complete coverage of your property, you can add four sensors and unlimited receivers, so you can keep an eye on everything that matters to you.
  7. It’s adjustable: By adjusting the sensitivity of your device, you’ll be able to eliminate false alarms triggered by wind and wildlife. This is a great option for those who want to use it as a security system instead of monitoring their pets.
  8. You’ll save money: Batteries are expensive, but you’ll save on the cost of batteries because eMACROS’ alarm is solar powered.

As with all technology, there are a couple of downsides to using the eMACROS Wireless Solar Driveway Alarm, but the pros outweigh the cons.

Given the plethora of benefits and only two downsides — one of which is entirely subjective — the eMACROS Solar Driveway Alarm is a great choice if you want to secure your home without calling in the professionals. 

2. HTZsafe Solar Driveway System

HTZsafe Solar Driveway System

$ 49
  • Easy to install
  • Short receiving Range
  • Pocket friendly
Customer review

In case you’re looking for a pocket-friendly alarm system for your house, this is your right fit. The alarm system works up to ¼ Miles( short range system)  and the detection range is up to 50 ft.

Again for HTZsafe, no professional help is required to install the system in your house. A quick manual guide is enough to get your alarm system activated.

Benefits of HTZsafe security system:

  1. Requires no batteries for replacement: The sensor has a built-in Lithium ion battery that gets charged using solar energy from the solar panel. Therefore, there is no need to change the battery.
  2. Reliable: Robust design prevents false alarms from sun/fog/snow, etc. The system is dust and water-proof and follows IP66  standard.
  3. Works in all weather conditions: Ranges from –30C to 70C and has a fully-enclosed design.
  4. Wide application range: Added advantage of this pocket-friendly alarm system is that it’s extremely reliable and only detects heat movements such as Person/vehicle/animal movement. 
  5. Expandable system: The system comes with Solar wireless motion sensor and a plug-in alarm receiver.  The sensor detects motion and the alarm receiver on the other end indicates motion on your property. You can enable different ringtones with different sensors to differentiate where the motion is detected.

3. Wuloo Solar Driveway System

HTZsafe Solar Driveway System

$ 69
  • Multi-functional receiver
  • Long receiving Range
  • Easy to install
Customer review

Unfortunately no, the sensor is not equipped with an adaptable cable, you have to purchase them separately and does not support working with other systems.

Benefits of Wuloo Solar Driveway System

  1. Easy to install and customize: It’s extremely easy to install and just takes a few minutes to set it up outside your house.
  2. Dependable and extremely reliable: Since the sensor is weather proof, it works well in rain and snow. It’s a long-range system that gives accurate detection
  3. Multi-function receiver: The chimes work as a normal clock as well as an alarm and could be customized to your requirement.

Final Thoughts..

The eMACROS Solar Driveway Alarm is a fantastic option for home and business owners alike. It allows you to know when someone is within a 30-foot radius of your home or business. 

Because it’s solar powered, you won’t spend a fortune on batteries, so it’s also an economical and eco-friendly security solution. The weatherproof casing holds up under extreme conditions, and you can add more sensors if you need additional coverage. 

Despite its low cost, the eMACROS Solar Driveway Alarm is easy to install and comes with all the bells and whistles you would expect to find on a high-end security system. We’ve seen security systems that are affordable and that are extremely reliable.

HTZ solar driveway suits well for short range driveways whereas Wuloo is best suited for long range driveways.

Statistics show that homes without security systems stand a greater chance of being robbed. Installing a solar powered driveway system will help make your home less attractive to potential burglars, giving you peace of mind. 


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