Solar-Powered Home Automation System

Smart home automations using solar energy

Is it possible to Automate your home using only solar energy? Yes, there are a variety of solutions right now that help you integrate home automation in a clever and efficient way, all while relying solely on solar energy.

What makes this unique is the fact that you can easily adapt and implement new automation solutions in a clever and rewarding manner. You will be particularly impressed with the value, efficiency and speed brought by solar automation.

Why Solar Energy Home Automation Solutions are a good idea?

Smart lights can be powered by solar energy. It’s a great way to make your home greener, while making sure that you have all the illumination you need for any task. You can also tune into solar power automation and rely on smart sensors for your home.

This means the security system and just about any other home automation solution can work seamlessly with the right automation ready to go. 

You can go even further by focusing on smart locks and smart refrigerators. If you integrate your own solar powered system, you will appreciate the great return on investment and a simple, efficient way to empower your home and take it to the next level in an efficient way and with astonishing results. 

Making the most out of Solar Energy Home Automation

These solar automation systems are very smart, reliable and very dependable. If they are provided by a manufacturer with the right experience in this field, then you gain access to some incredible benefits.

First, there are no maintenance hassles, everything is ready to go and you can easily focus on generating energy for the automation system.

The software is easy to install, and you will start drawing power from the solar energy system automatically.

Plus, the longevity of the appliance is increased, not to mention you will have improved safety and much better solutions.

Solar Automation System features

The DC matching method is very interesting and it was designed with the idea of investigating the potential gain you can receive.

One thing to note here is that with the right appliance classification and by removing some AC-DC adaptors, you will be able to acquire 10 to 20% more energy.

The novel circuit from solar energy home automation can minimize conversion losses, while also boosting the system performance.

With the elimination of the DC/AC inverter you can also save even more energy. 

Then there’s the alternative solar battery charge controller. This relies on the use of a bypass MOSFET in order to offer a charge to the battery bank.

Then it switches to a new path when the batteries are at a full charge with another MOSFET that transfers the surplus power to the auxiliary battery, load and fans. These MOSFET units are controlled via the main microcontroller.

An approach like this helps you bring in better efficiency, you can empower home automation a lot faster and easier, and results can be staggering if you do everything right and at the proper level. 

What types of Solar Automation Systems are there?


RondsTech is unique because it creates a Smart eHomes system with its focus being on offering a self-sustaining ecosystem.

It’s making it easy for you to lower the power cost for the automation system by optimizing the solar energy use in a rewarding manner.

You get to have a lower power usage with help from IoT, not to mention you will get smart intelligence change over mechanism, automated dripping, indoor and outdoor lighting system integration, APSS mechanism support, battery management system and many others.


Sunpower are using a system and battery charging software from Sunverge that has an open API. This is great because it offers better communication with other systems.

That being said, the system might need drivers or modules that need to be written so you can connect with the energy storage system.

The energy storage system will communicate with the control system and everything will be powered by solar energy.

It’s extremely reliable and the fact that we are dealing with an Open API means everyone can contribute and customize based on their own needs and ideas.


Milbank also has its own unique solar power home automation system. Their system is named PowerGen Synap6 and the idea is to easily distribute power loads around the home, while also empowering home automation products.

This is more expensive when compared to others, but the company is writing APIs and programming modules for home control.

This helps deliver a tremendous return on investment, while also making it easy for customers to access the value and quality they expect. 

Enphase Energy

This company is working closely with the Vivinit home control and solar installer as well as homebuilder Lennar. The main focus is to create an AC battery system that helps distribute energy in the entire home and empower home automation.

The system is designed with the idea of having a smart inverter that converts the DC power from those solar collectors to the AC power that the home automation system would need throughout the entire home.

It’s a seamless and extremely powerful system that has the potential to make a massive difference.

Are Solar-powered Automation System the future?

Yes, in fact more and more companies create systems that seamlessly focus on empowering home automation through the use of solar.

They are working closely with appliance and smart product manufacturers such as Whirlpool too.

These appliances are taking advantage of the smart automation system by cutting power when not in use, while also making sure that they have access to the stored energy whenever it’s needed.

Final Thoughts..

The future is bright when it comes to solar powered automation systems because these will help us focus on using clean energy to empower our smart homes and devices.

The possibilities are limitless, and since more and more companies are focused on sharing such solutions, results can be astounding in the long term.

We believe that nothing is impossible and the potential to achieve these great results is definitely there.

All we need is to find the right system that suits our needs and use it to save time, energy and money, while also boosting the lifespan of our automation system and its adjacent devices!


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